(Don't Miss the Testimonials from Rescues using our new link... details at the bottom of this page.)

Here is how we do it...

When you post your "regular" Amazon Wish List Link... it will look like this:

OK... what is wrong with that?


We have TESTED links different ways... and those 3 items in red WILL decrease your clicks, causing fewer donations .

... and, although facebook does allow you to change the title and description... it is a "royal pain" and takes too long... and you cannot do anything about the thumbnail.

We have found a way to create a web page... that "Feeds" facebook a different title, description, and thumbnail... then sends your fans DIRECTLY to your wish list.

Here is a MUCH BETTER Title, Description, and Thumbnail image, all from a link that we can provide your group:

The title has more info and "CLICK HERE", to encourage clicks. The description has been improved, and includes "They Need YOUR Help Today!" to entice your fans to click. We even added "CLICK to HELP" to the Wish List Thumbnail Image.

We do all this, simply by giving you a special link... that will take fans DIRECTLY To YOUR Wish List

Want to see an example?

Here is one we setup for Warm Hearts Pet Rescue:


If you click on the link, you will see it takes you directly to their Amazon Wish List page.

And... when they post this link on Facebook, it looks like this:

Want a New-And-Improved Amazon Wish List for Your Group?

Please email us...

1. Your Group's Name


2. Your amazon wish list link...

To get the link... visit your wish list, and copy the URL, then paste it into your email.

Email us at:


We will set up your link and sent it to you via email when it is ready.

We will also include your link on our Amazon Wish List Showcase Page... see it here:

Thank You for all you do to help pets in need!


Just wanted to thank you guys for this link! I posted it last night on several different pictures and a couple different ways that y'all had suggested. I woke up this morning to find that $270 worth of stuff had been purchased off of our wish list! Thank you so much! We have posted this thing over and over the normal way and hardly had any luck!

Thank you for sharing your skill set to help rescues :)


Laura and Melissa

Let Love In Animal Rescue